Calea Bacolod


I hail from Bacolod City, the sugar capital of the Philippines. We pride in our sweet delicacies, so it is only proper that I start with the famous pastry shop and cafe, Calea–the home of premium cakes in the city.

Calea recently moved from a small outlet beside the L’ Fisher Hotel to a more visible location right in front of the hotel.

Here are a few samples from their wide selection…

Calea’s version of the Black Sambo was light and delicate. The chocolate did not overpower this dessert at all.

The Fruity Cheesecake was topped with strawberry and blueberry and filled with pineapple bits, which made it a little tart in taste.

Calea’s Pecan Pie was topped with Vanilla ice cream and was rich in caramel flavor and chewy in texture. Definitely a great match with a shot or two of espresso!

The Vanilla Semi-Fredo is a layered ice cream cake of vanilla and chocolate ice cream in between sponge cakes, drizzled with rich chocolate syrup.

The Strawberry Semi-Fredo is another rendition of the ice cream cake but served with strawberry ice cream and strawberry jam.

The Mud Pie is essentially a chocolate ice cream on top of a chocolate cookie crust, covered with chocolate cookie crumbs and topped with almond chips.

Aside from their famous delectable desserts, Calea is easy on the pocket. The cakes above were all priced between P80 to P95. That’s a lot of value for quality food!

Lacson Street (in front of L’ Fisher Hotel)
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
(034) 433-8664


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